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Betty&Danell Elopement||Brooklyn, New York City

Since pandemic hit hard and messed up all of our plans many weddings had to be changed and rescheduled and turned into small elopements. But I personally loved it the most because it got so intimate and special having just the most dearest people witnessing your bond.

Betty and Danell had to change their big wedding into small elopement just for their family members and very close friends. Their elopement took place in industrial part of Brooklyn in a very cozy venue called RE:GEN:CY

I shed a tear at their ceremony (as a wedding photographer I always do) and I couldn't stop taking photos of their sincere emotions. I always feel so honored to photograph such amazing moments of people's lives and deliver it to them in shape of beautiful photos!

Take a look at the highlights of their elopement! Enjoy!


"Thank to you I believe in soulmates"

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