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Are you dreaming of a wedding that combines the charm of simplicity with the vibrant energy of the city? Look no further than getting married at Manhattan City Hall! Join me as I dive into the nitty-gritty details and share some personality-packed tips on how to make your City Hall wedding as memorable as the skyline itself!

couple standing in front of nyc city hall, nyc elopement photographer

1. Begin with the Basics: NYC Marriage License

Before you waltz down the aisle, you've got to do the Marriage License Waltz. Both partners need to make a joint appearance at the City Clerk's Office in any borough. Bring your A-game with valid photo IDs and around $35 in cash for the license fee. You can obtain your license online through Project Cupid or you can schedule an appointment in person to get your marriage license at the Marriage Bureau.

nyc elopement photographer, tati poly photography

2. Wait, Anticipation is a Virtue

Now that you've got your marriage license in hand, there's a 24-hour waiting period before the ceremony. Use this time wisely, perhaps for a romantic stroll through Central Park or an impromptu pizza date - because, hey, you're in NYC! Marriage license is valid for 60 days. If you are not a U.S. Citizen you should confirm if NYC marriage license is valid in your country.

3. The Appointment: Locking in Your Special Moment

In the city that thrives on appointments, ensure you secure your special moment by scheduling an appointment for your in-person City Hall ceremony. You must book your appointment for your in person City Hall ceremony. Appointments are released every Monday at 9am EST sharp. Plan ahead, and you'll breeze through the process like a true New Yorker.

4. Enter the Scene: Arriving at City Hall

City Hall is your stage, and you're the stars of the show. Arrive 30 min prior to your confirmed time, ready to steal the spotlight. Couples are allowed to bring 4 guests including your photographer and one of them must serve as your witness.

city hall manhattan ny, city hall manhattan

5. Dive into the NYC Marriage License Adventure

As your turn arrives, head to your designated podium with your fiancé and trusty witness. Present your marriage license and official photo IDs, and don't forget your witness's ID. Together, complete the marriage license right there in front of the clerk. It's your matrimonial moment – cue the confetti!

couple sitting in manhattan city hall

6. Get Ready for Your Wedding Ceremony

After finalizing your marriage license with the clerk, get ready to wait for your second call. At Manhattan Marriage Bureau, hand in your completed license at Podium 5, then chill in the cozy waiting area. No need for IDs or documents at this point. There are two ceremony rooms, and though you can't choose, they're pretty much twins in looks. The moment is approaching!

marriage license in nyc, city hall manhattan ny

7. The Ceremony: Let the Love Flow

The ceremony is short and sweet. Around 1 minute, to be precise. Exchange vows, seal it with a kiss, and voila - you're officially married! Cue the applause from fellow love enthusiasts.

couple kissing at their ceremony at city hall manhattan

8. The Paparazzi Moment: Capture the Magic

Consider bringing your own photographer or enlisting a friend with a good eye for capturing candid moments. The iconic City Hall interior and exterior provide a perfect backdrop for a mini photoshoot.

a couple at manhattan city hall, nyc elopement photographer

8. Celebrate NYC-Style

After the ceremony, celebrate like a true New Yorker! Grab a slice of pizza, take a leisurely stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, or enjoy a rooftop cocktail with a view. The city is your oyster; savor every moment.

new your city wedding photographer, Tati Poly Photography

9. Cheers to Forever: Personalized Wedding Touches

Add your own personal touch to the day. Write love notes to each other, exchange meaningful vows, or include a favorite NYC spot in your celebration. It's your day, make it uniquely yours.

nyc wedding photographer, Tati Poly Photography

10. Embrace the Unscripted Magic

Above all, embrace the unscripted magic of getting married at NYC City Hall. It's not just a ceremony; it's a New York love story, filled with spontaneity, energy, and the promise of forever.

couple standing in the middle of grand central, nyc elopement photographer

In the heart of the city that never sleeps, your City Hall wedding is more than a ceremony; it's an experience. So, put on your dancing shoes, grab your partner's hand, and let the adventure begin in the city where dreams are made of.

Welcome to your very own NYC City Hall love story!

As NYC wedding and elopement photographer I photographed a lot of City Hall ceremonies and I would love to capture your special day! Click here to contact me and explore my portfolio of NYC elopements.


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